Homebirth Midwifery for Eastern Massachusetts;
Southshore, Southcoast, Greater Boston & Cape Cod
Midwifery came into my heart after the births of my children. As a mom of four, I have had a variety of experiences; both doctor and midwife, hospital and home births. These experiences moved me in the direction of doing birth work.  My first birth was a medically managed event, typical of what most American women experience in the hospital. I received an epidural and the many interventions that follow, and eventually had a baby. Sadly, I knew I had missed out on this once in a lifetime event.
Optimistically, I knew I would do things differently the next time- and I sure did! The next three babies were born naturally, free of intervention, full of strength and joy. I was so moved by those experiences that I began to spread the word to every woman I knew that birth is normal and can be an amazing experience without the use of drugs, machines, strangers, bright lights, starvation or surgery....
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Jessica Petrone, CPM
Sarafina Kennedy, CPM
Jessica Petrone & Sarafina Kennedy
birth team

As the birth team, we work together to provide homebirth services and doula services to the families of eastern Mass.

We have been in practice together since 2008, greeting around 40 new babies into the world each year!

We share a common philosophy and strong desire to support the women within  our community.

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Massachusetts homebirth
For as long as I can remember, my mother has told me the story of my own birth.  I was a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), born in Belgium. My mother, in labor with me for 24 hours, lay in bed for most of the active phase with a woman hired by the hospital applying pressure to my mother’s sacrum with her knee. This woman was a called a  “kines-therapist,” and specialized in massage and bodywork for childbirth. I have always loved this story, but as I grew up, I began to realize that there is no one in the American maternity care system doing the work of a kines-therapist.  It was not until college that I first learned what a doula was, and realized that the woman present at my birth played the role of doula for my mother. At that moment I realized that I wanted to bring that element of support and compassion that my mother felt from her kines-therapist to birthing women and I began to feel called to birth....